5 Ways to Squeeze Exercise Into Your Workday


If there's any word that defines modern corporate culture, it's "multitask." Whether or not it's a listed skill requirement of your job, you most likely put it to use managing your daily workload. So why not employ it with exercise? If you spend a lot of your work time on far-from-engaging tasks like making a lot of copies and faxes or listening in on long conference calls, you can still sneak in a workout [source: Bowman]. Try exercises like these:

  • Use a hands-free headset for conference calls so that you can walk around as you listen and talk.
  • Practice stretching and breathing exercises at the copier.
  • During meetings, draw your abdominal muscles in and out.
  • When you're working at your computer, use an exercise ball as your office chair.

Keep reading for another way to squeeze fitness into your workday.

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