5 Ways to Squeeze Exercise Into Your Workday

Take the Stairs

Who needs step aerobics or a StairMaster when you have actual steps to climb? Stair-climbing is a great aerobic exercise that is easy to do in almost any building over one story. A 135-pound woman can burn about 130 calories by climbing stairs for 20 minutes; a 185-pound man can burn around 178 in the same amount of time [source: Tufts Medical Center].

And going up and down steps for just a few minutes a day can improve your heart health [source: American Council on Exercise]. Imagine how fit you can get by taking the stairs at work more often -- especially if you have several flights to take.

So opt for stairs over the elevator every chance you get, whether you're just arriving, coming back from lunch, visiting one of your company's other departments on another floor or leaving for the day. You might even want to spend time doing a few laps up and down the stairs on one of your breaks to get in some extra workout time.

You'll be stretching your legs for the following tip as well.

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