5 Ways to Squeeze Exercise Into Your Workday

Carve Out Time

It still all comes back to time. You wonder if you have enough of it to do even the small things -- much less get in a really good workout. If the clock is your concern, the best option for you is to create more time. Fortunately, this doesn't involve time machines, witchcraft or fringe science -- just a bit of creative planning. Take the following scenarios for example.

Scenario one: You visit your favorite café for lunch. While you may get a delicious, healthy wrap from their menu, you spend most of your lunch hour driving, ordering and getting to and from your car.

Scenario two: You make a similar wrap for yourself at home the night before and pack it for the next day. You spend 15 minutes eating your lunch, and you still have 45 minutes left to take a walk outside or hop on the treadmill in the corporate gym.

Obviously, scenario two gives you more time for fitness. By spending a little extra time upfront, you actually save yourself more time in the long run.

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