10 Weird Workouts


High Heel Workout

If podiatrists had their way, women would probably never wear high heels, as this fashionable footwear can lead to a host of health problems, including ankle sprains, bunions, hammertoes and joint pain. But some podiatrists seem to have realized that even with well-intentioned warnings, women will saunter through the streets in their stilettos anyway. If you're determined to wear heels, then at least you can learn how to wear them right in a high heel workout class.

In these classes, sometimes led by podiatrists or professional dancers, women perform a series of lunges and squats to strengthen their lower body. Then, they kick off the sneakers and strap on the heels for instruction on how to get runway-ready. When women wear heels, their center of gravity shifts to the front; in these classes, women learn how to fix their posture so that they don't do damage to the feet or lower back (bonus: standing up straighter makes you look thinner). Additionally, women strengthen their lower leg and foot muscles so that there's less pain and strain after a long day on their feet.

If a workout on stilettos sounds a little too girly for you, then our next weird workout may be just want the doctor ordered -- Dr. Dre, that is.