10 Weird Workouts

Thug Workout
Some see just a playground, others see a gym.
Some see just a playground, others see a gym.
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We're often reminded by personal trainers and fitness magazines that we don't need to go to the gym to exercise. Instead, it's possible to squeeze in a workout anywhere, from jumping rope in a hotel room to climbing flights of stairs in our office. Perhaps the purest example of exercising wherever you are, with whatever you have is the workout demonstrated in "Thug Workout: Fitness From the Streets." Produced by the Ruff Ryders, a hip-hop collective, this workout shows you how to transform playground equipment, picnic tables, street signs and scaffolding into your own private gym. No matter what the urban landscape gives you to work with, you can work out. Playground equipment and construction scaffolding are ideal for pull-ups, while a picnic table is a good spot for tricep dips. Those spare tires aren't just abandoned garbage -- they provide resistance for shoulder presses. The hip-hop music and gritty language in the video may not be for everyone, but once you take a tip from the thugs and start looking around, you'll probably find good workout equipment all around you.

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