Leg Exercises

Glut Lift 'n' Cross

The glut lift 'n' cross strengthens the hamstring and buttocks muscles and contours the area around the hip. It's a little more advanced and can be skipped if you're short of time.

Glut Life 'n' Cross Step 1

Step 1
Start on all fours with your knees bent directly under your hip bones, weight supported on elbows. Keep elbows shoulder-width apart and forearms flat on the floor, hands crossed. Hold your abdominals in and keep your hips tucked up toward the ceiling to prevent arching your back.

Glut Lift 'n' Cross Step 2

Step 2
Keeping knee bent, lift left leg through full range of hip motion up toward the ceiling. Do not lift thigh above your hips. As you lift, contract and squeeze your gluteals.

Glut Life 'n' Cross Step 3

Step 3
Return leg to starting position, holding knee just off the floor, close to inside of right calf.

Glut Lift 'n' Cross

Step 4
Lift leg to hip height again and lower leg by crossing it to the outside of right calf. Return to starting position and repeat for 8 times. Repeat with right leg. Progress to 3 sets of 8 with each leg.

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