How can I make exercise more enjoyable?

Work Out With a Friend

Teaming up with a fellow exerciser is a great way to make time for your body and your friends.

How a partner helps you stick with exercise. It can be very motivating to have someone else rely on you to be an exercise partner. A partner can get you out and working when you would rather stay home alone. Also, exercising with someone else turns fitness time into social time.

How to use your workout buddy. Pick someone who has the same exercise interests and roughly the same fitness level as you do. If you don't have an exercise partner, try joining an exercise class. You can also look for a club that's based on physical activity, such as a hiking or walking club. If you can't find one that you want to join, start one in your neighborhood or at your workplace.

Don't Compete With Others

Make your exercise program a time when you focus on steadily improving your own performance. Remember, your goal is to reduce your risk for heart disease. You don't need to compete with others. Don't worry that someone else is more fit than you are. Instead, focus on telling yourself how important it is each time you make the effort to exercise.