6 Ways to Have a Better (and More Calorie-Burning) Workout

Running on a treadmill can be mind-numbing.
Running on a treadmill can be mind-numbing.

When it comes to working out, things can sometimes get a little, um, monotonous. Running on a treadmill gets boring after the first mile and you can easily get stuck in the same old weight lifting routine. Instead of slogging through a mind-numbing gym session, try something more inspiring. Research shows that challenging your mind keeps your body in better shape. In fact, most trainers recommend keeping your body “confused.”

What does this mean?

Doing the same routine over and over again works the same muscles. Without pushing your body to do new things, your fitness may plateau, which will make weight loss much more difficult. If you're training to accomplish a specific fitness goal, changing up your routine can build muscular strength and endurance.

Use these six fun ways to exercise your body and see amazing results!