Can Social Media Motivate You to Exercise?

It's time to get moving!
It's time to get moving!
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When you think about it, exercise is inherently green. Why? Stay fit and you'll keep your body healthier, heartier, and less prone to illness and injury--which will keep you off of pills and out of doctors offices and surgery. Another environmental plus to getting in shape? When you are thinner, you eat less, and what you do eat is likely healthier. Less food means less energy to grow and create your food. Healthier food generally means more fruits, veggies and grains--which take a whole lot less energy to produce than animal products. In other words, being unhealthy means using more resources, while being in-shape means using relatively fewer: exercise is a key component to staying healthy.

Now the question is: how are we going to motivate you to move your body in order to get fit, stay healthy, and stop chowing down on an unhealthy amount of resources?

Let's face it, that energy-sapping treadmill (yes, even if it's never used... but still plugged into the wall!) in the corner is not motivating you to workout. Nor is that ridiculously expensive gym card (the one that supports the insane electric bill and non-green equipment at the gym) that dangles from your key chain. And now that getting "a bikini-ready body" is no longer a goal, what is going to motivate you enough to get your butt in gear and shed some fat? Technology. Social media.

You're on your computer all day long... including right now. May as well put it to work (beyond your workload) and help you burn off another load (that which resides on your backside). Here are 5 social media technologies that can help motivate you to move. Opt for low-impact exercises like yoga and good old fashioned running for the ultimate green workout.