Can Social Media Motivate You to Exercise?

5. Your Shape on Nintendo Wii

The fitness world is about to be totally wowed by Wii's new personalized, hands free, motion-detecting camera-powered exercise video game that will knock the sneakers off every other exercise video game out there. Seriously. It's called Your Shape... but it's not out until December. But what is out and up and running is the Your Shape Game website that rounds out the game, delivering a complete fitness lifestyle including food, motivation, and life insight posts. We love that YourShape is more than a greener way to workout (since you aren't powering up a treadmill, or hitting the gym, and instead you have the opportunity to put old exercise equipment like that 80s step and 90s ball back into reuse), but it also incorporates yoga moves and stretching to help the mind/body connection. If you are looking to motivate, this site will get you going-- guaranteed.

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