How do I stick with my exercise program?

To be successful with an exercise routine, you must make it part of your everyday life. It should become as important to you as going to work, or spending time on leisure activities. Do not let it become an afterthought, or something you will do "if you have time." Be sure to make the time. Your body will thank you.

Take these steps to help make sure you stick with your exercise program.

  • Make your daily life more active.
  • Schedule time for exercise.
  • Set goals and keep track of your progress.
  • Reward yourself.

Make Your Daily Life More Active

One way to maintain your motivation to exercise at a dedicated time is to be more active throughout your day.

How an active lifestyle helps you stick with exercise. Being active is a mind-set. If you think of yourself of an active person, you will move more. If you've been inactive for awhile, even small steps, like taking the stairs instead of asking your child to get something upstairs for you can start making you feel lighter, more energized, more able to move, and more confident.

How to add activity to each day.

You've probably heard or read common tips for doing this, such as getting off the bus a few stops early and walking the rest of the way to work. But are you really making this sort of activity part of your life? If not, take a look at the tips under How Can I Be More Active Each Day? Pick the top three that you think you can easily adopt. Picture yourself doing each of these. Pick a date to start doing them, and track your progress each day. When you've made the first three part of your routine, pick out three more to incorporate.