The Power of Walking

Today, many civilized countries are facing the highest incidence of obesity, disease and orthopedic injury than ever before in recorded history. Even worse we are experiencing this ill health in spite of the fact that we have the greatest number of medical doctors using some of the most advanced medical technology than ever before. Knowing this, if there are things we can do for ourselves, we best get moving now!

There are a few factors that can be correlated with our declining health, such as:

  • A tremendous increase in the consumption of medical drugs (85 percent of Americans are on at least one prescription drug!)
  • Replacing water consumption with caffeinated and sugar-laden beverages
  • A massive decline in food quality due to soil depletion and use of industrial farming technology, as well as a huge increase in the quantity of processed foods
  • Lack of exercise!

These points merely scratch the surface of reasons why people are becoming so sickly, but I am only going to address the last point in this article.

While many of you could, and probably do, have many reasons why you don't participate in a regular, structured exercise program, none of you can honestly say that you don't have time to walk! The human body is not only designed for daily movement, it is essential for optimal physiological function, which contributes to health and well-being. To demonstrate my point, consider the following benefits of walking.