Exercise is a key component to having a long and healthy life. Look at how your body responds to exercise and learn about specific exercises for different areas of the body.

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Why is 90 minutes of exercise per week the ideal amount?

We all know exercise is good for us, but how much do we need in order to achieve maximum heart benefits? What makes 90 minutes of exercise per week the magic number?

How Exercise Works

When you exercise, you're using your muscles to create motion. The body has an incredibly complex set of processes to meet the demands of working muscles. Find out how your body responds to exercise.

Pilates 101

Pilates, an exercise system originally developed to rehabilitate German internees in World War I England, has entered into the mainstream. Learn how Pilates builds muscle strength without adding bulk.

Benefits of Walking

The health benefits of walking include a reduced risk of disease, improved sleep, increased energy, and more. It also helps strengthen muscles and bones, which lowers the risk of osteoporosis.

How to Begin Walking for Fitness

Take the right steps before you begin walking for fitness. Before you start any exercise routine it is important to assess your overall health. This article explains how to assess your health, find your target heart rate, and more.

How to Racewalk

Learning how to racewalk can boost your overall fitness. Racewalking is beneficial because it involves a higher rate of muscle activity than jogging alone. This articles discusses the advantages of racewalking, proper form and technique, and safety.

How to Walk in Bad Weather

Our tips on how to walk in bad weather include protecting yourself against heat, humidity, cold, and rain. If walking becomes part of your everyday routine you might actually enjoy walking in bad weather. Learn how to walk in bad weather.

How to Plan a Walking Route

Our tips on how to plan a walking route address outdoor walking, mall walking, gym walking, and walking safety. Finding the proper route can help you burn more calories and it will make the walk more enjoyable. Learn how to plan a walking route.

Fitting Walking into Your Life

Fitting walking into your life is easy if you have the proper attitude and make a commitment to exercise. Walking is an exercise routine that you can base on your terms, such as location and duration. Learn about fitting walking into your life.

How to Energize a Walking Routine

Our tips on how to energize a walking routine include walking with music or joining a walking club. Spicing up your walking routine is a way for you to stay committed in your efforts to stay fit. Learn how to energize a walking routine.

22 Leg Exercises for Women

From hamstrings to quadriceps, well-developed leg muscles are important for total body fitness. Learn how to do 22 different leg exercises safely with these instructions.

Total Body Stretches

Doing total body stretches properly before a workout helps avoid injury. Learn how to do simple stretches with our exercise instructions and photos.

Total Body Warm-up Exercises

Total body warm-up exercises prepare your body for any type of workout. Learn how to do several warm-up exercises using our illustrated instructions.

Back Strengthening Exercises

Back strengthening exercises define back muscles and help prevent back injury. Develop a stronger back with these exercise instructions and photos.

Biceps Exercises

Try these biceps exercises to tone and strengthen your upper arms. This article has step-by-step directions and helpful photos for each exercise.

Chest Exercises

Chest exercises like the press and fly build and tone your chest muscles. Learn how to do several chest exercises with these illustrated directions.

Triceps Exercises

Triceps exercises strengthen and tone the muscles in the back of the upper arms. Get step-by-step directions and photos for several triceps exercises.

Core: Abdominal and Lower Back Exercises

Strengthen your core with these abdominal and lower back exercises. Our illustrated instructions guide you through each exercise, step by step.

Glutes Exercises

Glutes exercises strengthen and tone your glutes, or butt. These illustrated instructions show you how to do several glutes exercises.

Shoulder Exercises

Try these shoulder exercises to tone and strengthen your shoulders. This article has step-by-step directions and helpful photos for each exercise.

Benefits of Exercise

Regular physical activity can improve heart health, strength, and endurance. Explore the many other mental and physical benefits of exercise.