9 Fit Tricks for Lazy Chicks

Learn tips and tricks on how to get in shape with minimal effort!
Learn tips and tricks on how to get in shape with minimal effort!

Too lazy to work out? Join the club. I get it. You're tired, you need to unwind, all you want to do is lie in your bed and let your brain go numb as you zone out to trash TV. SNAP OUT OF IT! Sure, we all need a break sometimes, but the fact is that moving your butt and getting your blood pumping fresh oxygen to your brain will not only burn some calories, but also revitalize, refresh, boost your ego, and uplift your spirits. Yes, it's been proven. And here's the best part of it all: you don't have to buy an expensive membership to an energy-sapping gym, have a gas-guzzling truck deliver a gigantic piece of cardio equipment that will likely end up in a landfill anyway in a few years, or even spend a dime and you can still reap all the benefits (if not more).

So instead of letting your lazy attitude affect your body, or worse- your health (which could then require medical attention, pill popping, and money), do something...yes right NOW- seriously, don't just sit there reading like a lump on a log. Start doing butt squeezes while you're reading this at least! Because you CAN be both fit and lazy. You just have to find the right workouts and food tips that work for you.

Keep reading to learn 9 Fit Tricks for Lazy Chicks!

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