9 Fit Tricks for Lazy Chicks

Don't Run, Unless It's a 1-Song Run

Numbers stress me out. Similar to my aversion to tracking my size by the scale, I track the minutes that I run by songs. You see, I have never been a runner. In fact I have always hated, yes, hated running. I felt like I couldn't breathe as every second seemed to take a minute. It was painful. But oddly, not so much physically painful as it was emotionally painful.

If you, like me, are stressed by the idea of running 10 minutes, don't! Run 1 song. As that song is coming to an end, see how you feel and decide if you can run for 2 more, setting a 3 song goal. At the end of song 2, gauge how you feel. Maybe you are up for 5 songs? The key is to create a workout mix filled with music that makes you move, plus make sure that there isn't a lengthy break between each song. Anything that can distract you from the music can derail your cause. Today just might be the day that you are finally able to embrace running… and like it!

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