5 Ways You Could Be Burning Calories Over the Holidays

Maybe this holiday isn't as fattening as we all thought...
Maybe this holiday isn't as fattening as we all thought...
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The holidays can be stressful for anyone, especially those responsible for entertaining guests or those trying to maintain a strict diet. But for those hosting their family and friends while trying to maintain a slim waistline, evidence may indicate that all of that running around and shopping you've been up to isn't for nothing!

Cleaning the House

Activities like vacuuming, sweeping, mopping and scrubbing can actually burn up to 100 calories per every 20 minutes! That’s 300 calories for every hour spent cleaning – the equivalent to two servings of sweet potatoes. You've done the work, now eat up!

Grocery Shopping

Harvard Medical School determined that grocery shopping with a cart can burn between 105 to 155 calories every 30 minutes. So when you’re dreading taking care of your holiday food shopping, remember – there’s your glass of wine with dinner!

Getting Ready for a Party

Diet.com estimates that the preparations for a party can burn up to 450 calories, and this does not include the post-party clean up. So when you aren't sure about that slice of pumpkin pie, think about all of the manual labor you did setting up chairs, moving furniture, decorating for your guests, and remember all that you have ahead with that annoying clean up!

Getting Work Done Outside

Did you shovel the driveway? Mow the lawn? Weed your garden? Whatever the outdoor activity that you felt was necessary to make your house come together just right, all of those burned calories count too! Shoveling the driveway or walkway saves over 200 calories per hour – roughly half the calorie count of one serving of turkey!


Have you been searching for that perfect outfit to greet your guests in? Are you in the process of buying gifts for all of your favorite nieces and nephews? Well here’s the good news: standing in line alone burns 100 calories per hour, and that doesn't even include the additional 135 calories spent walking around the mall, slowly trying to find the perfect item! So move slowly, shoppers, this could mean the difference between an extra glass of wine or not!