Get Inspired to Get Fit

Too often, today's homes are plagued with gigantic, dusty machines known as treadmills, rowers and elliptical trainers. They tend to hide in basements — lost, but aggravatingly, not forgotten. "I've got to drag that thing out," its owners will say from time to time. But more often than not, these expensive pieces of equipment stay hidden in the shadows, while the owners stay on the sofa.

The same could be said for gyms. How often have people signed expensive contracts with fitness clubs, only to stop going after the "I just joined a gym!" exhilaration wears off? And women face particular difficulty staying fit — exercise often falls by the wayside in the daily juggle of family, home and career. "I had thought going to the gym might be just what I needed, but actually finding the time to do it? Hah!" said Kerriann Sullivan, 33. "I could barely find time to take a shower."

Danielle Chung, 39, faced the same problem. "Being able to stay home with the kids was great, but every once in awhile I'd find myself stuck in my own head and want to get out. I loved to go to the gym but once I was there, I'd have no idea what to do."