Get Inspired to Get Fit

Workout Cards

Lacking an outlet for all that pent-up energy, women often become frustrated, sad and angry. But rather than let that brick wall keep building, working mom Julie Trelstad was inspired to create Sane Fitness Quickstart: Full Body Workouts That Won't Drive You Crazy, a deck of 36 cards, each with photos and instructions on abdominal and strength exercises. As Julie explains, "A sane program makes the best use of the little time you've got available. It makes you feel better, stronger and more able to handle anything your crazy life throws at you!"

Along with the cards is a booklet explaining the equipment and a workout schedule to let you know which workout to do on which day — all handy for someone who is willing to work out, but doesn't know where to begin. A lanyard holds all the cards together to make them easy to bring to the gym so you can, according to Julie, "just show up, work out, go home."