Get Inspired to Get Fit

Committing to Looking Great

Meanwhile, Kerriann's inspiration to go to the gym came from the good old ego. "I'd bring my son to the park, and it seemed like all the other moms had these great bodies. I knew that didn't just happen — it's the rare woman who can get her body back with no effort. So I had to stop making excuses because, obviously, they didn't."

And how has that worked out for her? "I've lost 20 pounds in the last six months. It was slow going at first, which was the most frustrating. But I was going from a half-mile to a mile, then using the incline, then running. I can honestly say I've never felt better."

For Danielle, committing to a time made the most sense. "I realized that I just had to make it a point to carve out my own time. Once I made a schedule, I stuck to it. I started working out just twice a week, then three times, then four. Oh, and the thing I changed? Once I had a great workout, I stopped rewarding myself with food. That had kept my weight up and frustrated the whole process. Now I reward myself with a book or an outfit for the kids. It's made all the difference."

We all know that getting fit isn't easy. But here are some handy points of reference to read when your momentum lands you on the couch.

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