How can I tone my thighs?

Fitness expert Greg Shealey answers common questions about diet and fitness:

Q: What can I do to tone my thighs?

A: All fitness goals should begin with maintaining proper eating habits. To tone your thighs you should watch your eating habits and continue with the proper exercise routine.

A great start to toning your thighs involves three things:

1) Balancing your diet

Eating a variety of foods allows your body to obtain the necessary nutrients needed to work at its optimal capacity.

2) Eating consistently

Eating consistently allows the body to maintain the necessary energy it needs to function throughout the day. Remember, food is energy, and if you plan to begin an exercise routine you need energy, and you need it often.

3) Performing cardiovascular activity

Supplement the first two with a cardiovascular exercise routine that challenges the lower body. Some examples of good exercises are kickboxing, Tae-Bo, brisk walking or jogging.

Note: As always, consult with your health-care provider before beginning any fitness program.

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Greg Shealey is a health educator and president and founder of Bio-Fit and Wellness.