Fire Up Your Metabolism and Burn More Calories Naturally with Herbs

Naturally "Hot" Herbs to Raise Your Metabolism

- Fresh ginger (sheng jiang)

- Sezchuan peppercorn (chuan jiao)

- Cinnamon bark (rou gui)

- Fennel (xiao hui xiang)

But Raupp reminds us that if you already have a high metabolism, these herbs won't work for you. Nature is best at balancing and neutralizing the body, not throwing it out of whack and on hyer-drive (that's where the danger of pharmaceuticals often comes in--forcing the body into an off-balance and unhealthy state in order to obtain an unnatural desired effect).

Eat a big fat-filled meal and feel the need to help your body break down and clear out the thigh-sticking muck? Try herbs like tangerine peel (chen pi), hawthorne berry (shan zha) and barley (mai ya) which are all great for digestion.

But don't just depend on herbs to keep fat at bay. Exercise is part and parcel to a well-balanced body. And please, please don't turn to those over-hyped energy drinks that are often filled with way too much sugar, loads of caffeine and a combination of other unknowns—some of which have been shown to cause heart palpitations and anxiety! Again, go green when it comes to revving up your energy and turn to natural Chinese herbs.

Instead of pumping you with quick burnout fuel, Raupp says that "Chinese herbs help boost Qi (aka the body's energy or life force) and will therefore give one more energy. When we have a good amount of Qi, our body is strong, healthy and can carry out all of its functions at an optimal pace."