Fire Up Your Metabolism and Burn More Calories Naturally with Herbs

Energize Your Workout with Herbs

- Astragalus (huang qi)

- Codonopsis (dang shen)

- Chinese yam (shan yao)

Don't forget that just because they are natural doesn't mean they aren't potent. Herbs are the building blocks of pharmaceutical for a reason—they are effective. Raupp reminds us that "Herbs, even with being 'natural' can also be harmful. No matter what supplements or herbs or vitamins one takes, it should always be done under the supervision of a licensed and experienced practitioner. Taking random supplements or pills without a thorough grasp on what the supplements contain or what effects the supplements can have on one's body or how the supplements may interact with other vitamins or medications one is taking is always risky and I don't recommend it."

Just like food, herbs are best when they are organic. Raupp's personal preference—"herbs should be organically grown, pesticide-free." Foods without pesticides are better for you and the planet, so don't sabotage your efforts to be healthy and energized by adding pesticides to your body.

Aside from growing your own herbs and snipping from your garden (the greenest way to go), or buying them fresh from your local Farmer's Market, you can get your herbal dose in tea like Alvita or Yogi Tea which makes some great teas using organic herbs.