Are milk alternatives good for your bones?

What kind of mustache do you wear — dairy or nondairy? More and more people are going alternative with the nondairy, new "milk" type. If you've wheeled a cart down the grocery store aisles lately, you're sure to have noticed the growing availability of these products. So what's the deal with these trendy beverages?

Milk alternatives, or the new "milks," don't actually contain any milk. They're non-dairy beverages that many people consume instead of dairy milk. Others consume them in addition to dairy milk, as another beverage choice.

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Three popular alternatives are soy, rice and almond "milk." If you have an allergy to milk, are lactose intolerant, or simply prefer not to drink milk, then milk alternatives can be your healthful milk-replacement solution.

Each of these beverages has its own distinct texture, color and flavor. But make no mistake, they don't taste like milk; they have refreshing flavors of their own. There's plenty of variety — vanilla, chocolate, carob and cappuccino, for instance. Milk alternative lovers have actually been known to compare the taste to a milkshake! If you haven't tried these beverages lately, or perhaps ever, then try one. Better yet, experiment with several.