Questions to Ask About Fitness

Review the following questions you should ask yourself about fitness so you're prepared to discuss this important health issue with your health care professional.

  1. What are the best types of exercises for me? How should I tailor my exercise program to my particular fitness needs?
  2. Do I need to undergo an electrocardiography test (exercise stress test) prior to beginning an exercise program?
  3. What is my resting heart rate? What should my heart rate be while I'm exercising?
  4. What signals should I watch out for while I'm exercising?
  1. At what duration, frequency and intensity should I begin my exercise program? What should I be able to work up to?
  2. What if I experience chest pain, faintness, dizziness or bone/joint pain while exercising?
  3. If weight training is recommended, what weight should I start out with?
  4. How might my medications affect my exercise program, especially exercise intensity and heart rate response?
  5. Should I change my diet in any way after I start an exercise program?
  6. Can you recommend a hospital-based fitness program?

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