10 Causes of Weight Gain That Doctors Have Changed Their Minds About


Eating Too Much Fruit Makes You Fat

Fruit is good for you -- just don't overdo it. Digital Vision/Thinkstock
Fruit is good for you -- just don't overdo it. Digital Vision/Thinkstock

We all grew up hearing that fruit is good for you, so it's perplexing to find that apples, strawberries and the like are now at the center of a diet-fad controversy. On the one hand, people point out that fruits are full of important nutrients such as antioxidants and fiber, which are not only important to digestive health but also help you to feel fuller and less inclined to pig out on snack food.

But fruit also seems to have a growing list of detractors, who are publishing articles and posting comments all over the Internet claiming that fructose, or fruit sugar, is just as bad for you as the processed kind, and will cause you to pack on the pounds [source: Roussell].

Both sides are wrong, according to a 2014 study by University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers. After analyzing data on seven scientific trials involving 1,200 subjects, they concluded that increasing consumption of fruit has a "near-zero effect" on weight loss. But here's the good news: It doesn't increase your weight either – unless you misunderstand the U.S.Department of Agriculture recommendation to eat more fruit. If you add it on top of your normal diet (rather than substituting a fruit for a cookie) you just might gain more weight [source: Wyatt].