10 Most Absurd Fad Diets

If you had to chew your pizza until it completely liquefied, you would probably eat less of it. Even so, Fletcherizing is an extreme way to approach eating. ©Design Pics/Thinkstock

Slow eaters eat fewer calories compared to people who eat quickly, and they also weigh less. Did you know it takes your body and brain a minimum of 20 minutes to realize that you're full? Quick eaters, on the other hand, take bigger bites of food and are more likely to swallow foods before properly chewing them [source: Hellmich]. Between 1895 and 1919, Horace Fletcher -- "The Great Masticator" -- evangelized the importance of chewing your food; it became a weight loss method known as "Fletcherizing". And while yes, it's important to slow down, chew and enjoy the foods you eat, Fletcher's fad diet advocated something a bit more extreme than taking slower bites: He believed we should chew every bite of food without swallowing any of it until the food liquefied.