5 Ways to Drop Weight Fast Through Ayurveda, the Natural Path to a Slim and Happy Life

Eat with the Seasons

Ayurveda doesn't say that you necessarily have to be a vegetarian, but meats are very limited. In the winter the body loves to use fats for energy so this is the heaviest eating part of the year and one of the few times where foods like meat and dairy are consumed. You can certainly enjoy them during the holiday season but limit your consumption to mostly when it's cold outside. In the spring, it's time to say goodbye to the heaviness of winter with a detox. This doesn't mean a dramatic master cleanse but rather a simple diet free of alcohol, caffeine, dairy, meat, and sugar. Summer is naturally a very cleansing time with a mostly vegetarian diet. And fall is a mix, which includes heavier root vegetables. You can also fast in the fall if you like.