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20 Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Home Remedy Treatments for Weight Loss

dUsing non-stick cooking spray instead of vegetable oil can save you 27 grams of fat.
dUsing non-stick cooking spray instead of vegetable oil can save you 27 grams of fat.
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You may think that the best way to cure being overweight is to stay out of the kitchen, but that's simply not true. In fact, the best thing you can do for yourself in your quest to lose weight is to create a healthy kitchen. Some of the best home remedies come from stocking your kitchen with healthy foods and fat-reducing utensils that will help you shed the pounds.

Home Remedies from the Cupboard

Fat-separating pitcher. When preparing stocks and soups, you can save a load of fat by letting the fat separate from the flavorful stock. A fat-separating pitcher lets you pour liquid from the bottom, avoiding the fat that floats to the top during cooling.


Indoor grill. Grilling foods allows fat to drip away and gives you a healthier piece of meat.

Kitchen scale. Taking some time to measure your portions will help you learn what's too much. Get a scale that measures in ounces. You'll be shocked to learn that 3 ounces of chicken is only about the size of a deck of cards.

Low-fat cookbook. Get yourself a cookbook that focuses on healthier cooking. You'll be amazed at how you can make some of your favorite foods lighter without sacrificing flavor.

Nonstick cooking spray. Spraying your pans with nonstick cooking spray instead of coating them with vegetable oil can save you 27 grams of fat and 230 calories.

Nonstick pots and pans. One of the greatest gifts you can give yourself if you're trying to lose weight is a set of nonstick cookware. It minimizes the need for added fat when you cook. Be sure to remember to use nonmetal utensils when you use your nonstick pans.

Olive oil. Getting more monounsaturated fats into your diet can help keep your cholesterol under control and may help you shed pounds. Because it's mostly monounsaturated fat, olive oil is a much healthier choice than, say, butter.

Steamer. Steaming your vegetables instead of frying them or cooking them in loads of lard will help cut back on many calories.

Strainer. Straining your ground meat allows those fat drippings to end up in the trash instead of on your thighs.

Home Remedies from the Drawer

Egg separator. One way you can cut the fat in your foods is by substituting two egg whites for one whole egg in your recipes. And skipping the yolks will also help cut your cholesterol intake.

Kitchen scissors. Use this handy tool to cut away fat from meat and chicken.

You might think of the refrigerator as a den of diet-busting temptations, but there are many home remedies to be found in that appliance to help you shed the pounds. Go to the next page to learn how to use common foods to help your diet.

Dieting can be tricky business -- seek out all the information and support you can when embarking on a weight-loss program. Visit the links below to learn more.

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