10 Yoga Exercises for Seniors

Legs in V Pose

One of yoga's biggest benefits is that it stretches your muscles and improves your flexibility -- keep in mind you don't need to be able to tie yourself in knots to become more flexible.

Performing yoga poses helps stretch muscles, ligaments and tendons, which removes lactic acid and alleviates stiffness and pain. As you practice yoga, you'll also discover an improvement in your joints' range of motion over time.

For flexibility in your legs, try the Legs in V pose:

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs comfortably spread apart in a V shape. It doesn't matter if the V isn't that wide to begin with; it's more important to stretch comfortably.
  2. Grab a bunch of firm pillows and place them in front of you.
  3. Lean forward, keeping your neck long, and use the pillows to support your upper body. Breathe six times, allowing yourself to hang and feel the stretch along your legs.

Pigeon and lying down twist are other good poses for flexibility. To stretch out your arms, try the Garuda Arms pose.

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