10 Yoga Positions for Beginners

Yoga involves dozens of postures or asanas.
Yoga involves dozens of postures or asanas.

Watching a classroom full of yogis contort their bodies in strange and seemingly impossible ways can be pretty intimidating to a first-time student. But one great thing about yoga is that there are so many variations and modifications that it can be a rewarding and beneficial practice for people of all fitness levels.

If you are brand-new to yoga, it will be helpful if you can find a beginner or introductory level class at a gym or studio near you. "Let your instructor know that you've never done yoga before and anything that you're unsure or particularly worried about," says Laura Burkhart, a yoga instructor based in San Francisco.

Every beginner's class will be different, but chances are that most of them will include at least several of the following postures, or asanas. These asanas are some of the easiest to pick up, but they're also some of the most used throughout all levels of yoga. Learn them first, and the rest of your practice will fall into place around them.