10 Yoga Positions for Beginners

Triangle (Utthita Trikonasana)
Triangle poses stretches out your lower body.
Triangle poses stretches out your lower body.
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Another posture related to the Warrior sequence is Triangle pose. It provides a great lower-body stretch and also serves as the primary standing pose for many forms of yoga.

From Warrior II, come up out of your lunge so that both legs are as straight as possible without locking knees. While you're still facing the side of the room, slowly begin to slide your shoulders and your torso (without moving your bottom half) toward the front of the room, as if a string was pulling on your front fingers. When you've reached as far forward as you can, bend from the hip joint and tip your torso directly over the plane of your front leg, reaching your front hand down toward your ankle and your back hand straight up toward the sky. Rest your bottom hand on your shin or ankle, or reach down and touch the floor with your fingertips. Turn your eyes up, gazing toward your top hand.

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