5 Types of Yoga for Weight Loss

Restorative Yoga

Of course, a class doesn't have to be super intense or super hot to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Colleen Saidman Yee, creator of the Gaiam DVD "Yoga for Weight Loss," believes that meditative, restorative styles of yoga may, in the long run, have even more benefit.

"With yoga, it's not so much about the calorie burn as it is the mind-body connection," she says. "When you're doing yoga, you are aware of what's going into your body and its effects on your practice. You're also sleeping better and stressing less, which are both vitally important for managing your weight." To find a calming class near you, search for Kundalini or Hatha yoga -- or check out a meditation and pranayama class, which focus mainly on breathing.

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