Yoga at Work: 10 Great Chair Yoga Exercises

You can do yoga anywhere, including your chair!
You can do yoga anywhere, including your chair!

Not all yoga has to be practiced on a mat! Whether you're injured, lack mobility or are just stuck in your seat, there may be times you are not willing or able to practice yoga in its most traditional sense -- on a mat, in various postures that involve standing or lying down.

That's where chair yoga comes in. "Chair yoga is simply traditional mat poses, or asanas, adapted to a chair," says Lakshmi Voelker, creator of the Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga DVDs and audio CDs. "This way, one can receive all of the health benefits of yoga -- muscle mass, bone mass, balance, self-esteem, and confidence -- without having to get down on the mat."

Chair yoga does not follow one specific school of yoga; rather, it borrows and modifies postures from all different branches. You can practice yoga in any type of chair, says Voelker, although you may have best results if you find one that is solid and sturdy, with a straight back. Give it a try with the following sequence, courtesy of Lakshmi Voelker Chair Yoga.