Is aeroponics used by marijuana growers?

Since the 1980s, aeroponics has been used as a way to grow plants with very little water and without soil. The whole concept of aeroponics is based on producing the maximum output from minimal input. Although soil does provide a plant with essential nutrients and water, it’s also stingy about the amount of oxygen it allows a plant to absorb. Aeroponics, on the other hand, maximizes the amount of oxygen that plants receive. As a result, plants that are raised via aeroponics produce bigger roots and larger fruit crops.

Once an aeroponic system is set up, it’s extremely easy to use. All you need to do is activate the system's grow lights and program the required sump pump timers. Due to the relative ease of this hands-free method of growth, the use of aeroponic technology has grown in recent years. For example, growers of marijuana plants have benefited from applying aeroponics to their trade. In recent years, growing pot has increasingly gone indoors. Marijuana growers have found that using aeroponic techniques to raise the plant leads to higher yields while requiring a smaller amount of space [source: Escondido]. Other plant growers -- besides marijuana producers -- have also discovered the advantages of aeroponics. In cities, where soil is scarce, urban gardeners have taken to the great indoors thanks to aeroponics.