Avoiding the St. Patrick's Day Hangover

Beer kegs. urbancow/iStock

If you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day the old fashioned way... the luck of the Irish probably won’t save you from being hung-over the next day. But there are some simple things you can do before and after your party to help you recover. Dr. Alan Weiss is an expert on internal medicine at Cleveland Clinic. He says one of the best ways to put a hangover on hold is to stay hydrated.

“I actually think that it’s a good idea that if you do drink more heavily than normal that you do drink fluids throughout the course of that time period and not just the alcoholic fluids, but all of the various types of fluids that you can actually take in.”

If you don’t get enough fluids during the party, there are many “morning-after” remedies you can try. Make a banana milkshake with honey. The banana will help calm your stomach and the potassium in the honey will counteract the effects of the alcohol and rebuild depleted blood sugar levels. Other things that might help your hangover include B- vitamins, black coffee with lemon, apples, and chicken soup. And Dr. Weiss also suggests skipping the green beer for something clear.

“I think there’s no evidence to support whether or not beer makes you sicker than regular liquor. I would tell you though that when it comes to hangovers, people get fewer hangovers if they drink clear liquid or clear types of alcohol. So stuff like clear vodka, clear gin, those tend to cause fewer problems with hangovers and that’s based on the type of chemicals that are in the alcohol themselves.”

The one hangover remedy that most experts agree doesn’t work is “hair of the dog.” It advises you to have what you were drinking the night before. Having a drink may ease the symptoms, but you are merely putting off the side effects temporarily.

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