10 Foods for Paying Attention in Class

Romaine Lettuce

Romaine lettuce is a cool and refreshing snack. But it's overlooked because most people assume it has to be eaten out of a bowl as part of a salad -- and that's not necessary.

In its original form, romaine lettuce can be pulled one large leaf at a time from a stalk, just like celery. Because the center vein of each leaf is crisp, it's great for dipping in humus or eaten plain. What can it do for you? Among many other things, it can give your body folate, which contributes to a healthy memory. School certainly requires a lot of memorization, so don't forget this underrated food [source: Moreno].

There's no magic pill that'll make you smarter or immediately alert but, still, the impact of healthy foods on mental health is noticeable and substantial. With healthy foods like these you'll notice that your body is, truly, fueling your mind.

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