10 Foods for Great Summer Nutrition

Leafy Greens

There is a leafy green available for eating no matter what the season. While collard greens, kale and mustard greens are best during the autumn and winter months when they are in season, there are plenty of leafy greens that are easy to grow in your summer garden. Beet greens, dandelion greens, spinach and Swiss chard are all in season throughout the spring and summer months, as are lettuce and salad greens such as arugula, red and green leaf lettuce, romaine, and watercress.

Greens are full of the cell-protecting and repairing antioxidants vitamins C and A, and contain protein and iron, as well as B vitamins and fiber. They also contain a lot of water, which will help keep you hydrated during hot summer days. And when it comes to eating your greens, you really can't go overboard -- they're low in calories, low in sodium and are naturally cholesterol-free. Not only do they make a great salad -- whether as a side or star of the meal -- don't be shy about throwing them into a blender for a green smoothie.

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