5 Natural Holiday Foods That Contain Vitamin D

Swiss Cheese

Picture the holiday appetizer trays sitting out on a table covered in a spread of traditional seasonal colors. You've got your fruits, meats, breads and ... cheeses. Each slice of Swiss cheese offers about 2 percent of your daily vitamin D needs. We're not suggesting you make a "Dagwood" sandwich complete with 50 slices of Swiss but a little nibble here, a sandwich there, a topping over there, will help get you closer.

Foods are meant to complement each other, so think about combining options for both taste and vitamin D benefits. Make a sandwich using salmon and a slice of Swiss and have pudding for dessert. Don't forget to nibble on some deviled eggs while socializing with friends around the snack table. Be bold and throw back a sardine and chase it with a little milk. Enjoy the holidays and the health benefits of vitamin D.

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