How do they get the fat out of fat-free foods?

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Author's Note: How they get the fat out of fat-free foods?

As a chemist, I was sure that fat-free foods works similarly to caffeine-free coffee and tea. The product was washed with an organic solvent to dissolve the unwanted item (caffeine or fat), and then you were left with the final product. But as I stopped to think about it, fat adds a lot to food. It wouldn't be the same and couldn't be marketed as the same food, without the flavor and texture that fat adds. This was confirmed for me by a dietician whom I interviewed for this piece. So the title of this article is actually a bit misleading – they rarely "get the fat out" of fat-free foods, they just formulate them differently to begin with. And honestly, learning about it does not make these foods appealing to eat!

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