Smart Energy Snacks for Runners

Smart Snack Ideas

Smart snacking options include combos such as hummus and fresh vegetables, a bagel and a banana, nut butter and whole grain crackers (or a half-sandwich of nut butter on whole grain bread) or fresh figs with yogurt or cheese. You can generally swap pre-run snack ideas with post-run snacking, but after a run, the smartest thing you can do is to aim for a ratio of 4:1 of carbohydrates to protein for muscle recovery. The protein-carbohydrate combination has been found to boost how efficiently your muscle glycogen levels are replenished (that's how efficiently your body is able to move glucose to your muscles) -- and one study found that the 4:1 carb-to-protein combination boosted that efficiency by 28 percent [source: Blende]. If that leaves you wondering what that 4:1 ratio might look like, we can help. Yogurt (substitute soy yogurt if you're vegan or avoiding dairy) with fresh fruit is a snack combo packed full of carbs and protein as well as calcium, or a bagel with peanut butter. If you're a chocolate fan (or if your runs leave your stomach feeling a bit upset), pour yourself a glass of chocolate milk for a healthy, energy-renewing (and stomach-friendly) drink.

You'll also want to include foods that are rich in vitamin E and vitamin C (both are antioxidants) for smart snacking after a run. Almonds are high in vitamin E, protein and fiber. Vitamin E is helpful in muscle recovery and may help reduce your post-run aches and pains. (Unless you're a long-distance, endurance runner with high caloric needs, don't go crazy snacking on nuts. While they're healthy, they're also high in calories, so limit yourself to no more than a handful a day.) Oranges, too, are a good snack choice because they're high in vitamin C, which may boost your body's ability to heal strained and damaged muscles.

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