Smart Food Shopping

  • Across the aisle from snack foods are soft drinks, dubbed "liquid candy" by one consumer group. Each 12-ounce can contains 150 calories and ten teaspoons of sugar.
  • Select only 100% fruit juice over fruit beverage, cocktail, drink and punch, which have added sugars and little actual fruit juice.
  • Traditional coffees and teas are calorie free and may even offer health benefits, especially brewed tea. Beware flavored coffee drinks, which contain added sugars and hydrogenated oils.
  • Bottled waters, both still and carbonated, are gaining shelf space. Watch for flavored waters, which often have added sugars you didn't bargain for.
  • "Energy" and "smart" drinks are often enhanced with ingredients such as gingko biloba or ginseng. Manufacturers are not required to state the amount.