USDA Sugar Guidelines

Setting Sugar Goals

As you set your goal for eating fewer sweets, start gradually or you'll feel deprived. Never forbid yourself a certain food. Eliminating a food from your diet only causes you to want the food more and eventually binge on it. Perhaps begin with goals such as:
  • Starting today, I will drink only one can of soda pop per day rather than my regular two, for five days of the week. (Make sure you have low-calorie alternatives that you like on hand.)
  • This week I will eat dessert after dinner only on Saturday.

What's in your pantry? You may not realize it, but these items are full of added sugar: fruit canned in heavy syrup, boxed or bottled juices that don't say 100 percent fruit juice on the label, and fruit snacks such as roll-ups or leathers that are not 100 percent fruit. Give them all away to someone who is not watching their weight, and be a label looker next time you shop. Get only fruit canned in its own juice or in light syrup, and juices and fruit snacks that are 100 percent fruit. The USDA Dietary Guidelines also recommend avoiding unpasteurized juice to prevent food-borne illness.

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