10 Healthy and Delicious Whole Grain Holiday Foods

Bread Basket

A single slice of store-bought white bread has about 66 calories and 1 gram of dietary fiber. Turn that into a single slice of whole-wheat bread and the fiber content bumps up to 2 grams. And you'll get 3 grams of fiber if you turn that into a single slice of homemade (or carefully chosen pre-packaged) whole-wheat bread. The point of this? The more whole-grainy goodness in the bread, the better it is for you. Swedish rye, wheat boules and sweet potato-spelt biscuits aside, that's what to keep that in mind when buying or making breads this holiday season.

When shopping for breads and rolls for your holiday bread basket, look for products that list whole ingredients first. Be sure to look at the ingredients list to verify instead of relying on the packaging's claim of "now made with whole grains," as those labels are not always true. Making your own bread? You can generally substitute white flour with whole wheat flour when baking without a kitchen catastrophe or recipe re-tooling, although you may need to add a little more liquid. Also try using whole rye or other grains such as barley, spelt or oatmeal in place of white, refined flour, substituting for 25 to 50 percent of white flour.

And any leftover breads? Day old bread makes an excellent whole-grain French toast.

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