10 Healthy and Delicious Whole Grain Holiday Foods

Main Dishes

Including whole grains in your main dishes is easy, and you can either dabble or dive right in. If you're dabbling, try substituting whole grain versions of ingredients you normally use, such as whole wheat flour for all-purpose white flour and brown rather than white rice. If you're using any ground meats, consider adding whole-grain bread crumbs or a cooked whole grain such as brown or wild rice -- not only is this a trick to stretch how many servings you can get out of your meat, it also helps keep ground meats moist. For those who want to give whole grains better representation as the main dish, consider a centerpiece dish such as a mushroom pie baked in a whole-wheat crust.

The holiday season isn't just about dinners, though. If during the holidays it seems as though you're often hosting overnight guests, you're not alone. Send them on their way home with a whole grain, healthy holiday brunch including banana buckwheat waffles, steel-cut oatmeal, blueberry-spelt muffins or whole-wheat pumpkin pancakes.

When shopping for ingredients or ready-to-go foods, be sure to check the labels before adding anything to your basket. Product labeling can be deceiving, and not all products with "100 percent wheat" claims contain whole grains. Looking at pancake mixes for brunch? Enriched flour is not a whole grain. Whole wheat flour is a whole grain, and you'll probably do better to make your own mix with your own flours.

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