10 Healthy Breakfast Tips

Plan Ahead

The morning rush can sabotage your diet as quickly as a lion can take down a wildebeest. You're late, you're hungry and the drive-thru window calls your name. Stop. With a little planning and preparation, you can save yourself from unhealthy breakfasts.

Sorry, planning ahead doesn't mean buying a dozen doughnuts to ration over a few days. We're talking about preparing healthy breakfast options like homemade granola (made with rolled oats and dried fruit) or fiber-rich muffins. In addition to homemade on-the-go foods, keep healthy, morning-rush-friendly foods on hand, including fresh fruit (if it requires any prep work, do it when you bring it home), yogurt, whole grain cereals (don't forget oatmeal) as well as whole grain breads and nut butters for on-the-go sandwiches.