10 Healthy Breakfast Tips

Smart Smoothies

If you like to pick up smoothies on the go, be choosey: Some smoothies are more like dessert. And some contain the amount of calories you'd need in a day, not a meal. For example, a 20 oz. Peanut Power Plus Chocolate™ smoothie from Smoothie King is made with chocolate, peanut butter, bananas, soy protein, non-fat milk, sugar and honey … and packs in more than 700 calories and 27g of fat. Turn that into a 40 oz. cup and you're drinking more than 1,400 calories and 54g of fat. A healthier Smoothie King alternative is the 20 oz. Blueberry Heaven®, with 325 calories and 1g of fat -- much more in line with the calories and fat of a healthy breakfast, although watch out for the high sugar content.

The healthiest smoothie option is to make your at home. You need a blender, ice, fruit (fresh or frozen) and yogurt or juice. Choose smart ingredients -- this is a great place to incorporate some of those superfoods -- blueberries, soy (soymilk or soy protein powder) and low-fat dairy are obvious choices.