10 Healthy Breakfast Tips


Fiber is a carbohydrate, one that humans cannot digest. Why eat something you're unable to digest? Fiber helps you feel full longer, so you don't snack as often, and it also has been shown to lower cholesterol levels and the risk of heart disease.

Adults should try to eat 5g of fiber at breakfast -- it may sound like a lot but overall, adult women want to aim for at least 20g of fiber per day while men need more than 30g per day. Those five grams add up quickly, if you're smart about the foods you choose. Breakfast cereals, fruits, vegetables, whole grains (breads, oats, and corn meal) and beans are all great sources of fiber. Let's look at toast, for example. One slice of Pepperidge Farm®white sandwich bread won't even add 1g of fiber to your daily goal. Compare that to the 4g of dietary fiber in just one slice of Pepperidge Farm® Whole Grain 100% Whole Wheat bread. That's the difference between choosing bread baked with refined versus whole grains. Spread an ounce of peanut butter on that slice of toast instead of butter or jelly and you're up to about 6g of fiber, plus you've added a great source of protein.

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