10 Healthy Fall Foods


What's shaped like a carrot, grows like a carrot, but isn't one? If it's white, you're looking at a parsnip.

A relative of the carrot, parsnips are root vegetables that are best harvested in late fall or even early winter. Their slightly sweet taste isn't entirely dissimilar to carrots either, but they really bring a flavor of their own [source: University of Illinois Extension].

And a major health boost, parsnips add one of the greatest amounts of dietary fiber to your diet. In a half-cup serving, the root vegetable has 4 grams of fiber, half of that being soluble fiber. Some studies suggest plenty of fiber can help prevent colon cancer, and soluble fiber has been linked to lowering cholesterol [source: Tufts University].

Despite an ANDI score of 37, parsnips are a great addition to your fall meals for the fiber alone.