10 Healthy Fall Foods



For our next healthy fall food, let's takes a break from vegetables and consider something naturally sweet.

Pears are the perfect treat for a sweet tooth, but they're also versatile enough to be cooked into a number of dishes.

In the U.S., harvesting begins in August with Bartlett pears, the most commonly recognizable variety. Harvesting continues through September and October, where other types of pears are collected, like Anjou, Bosc and Commice [source: Pear Bureau Northwest].

Among a list of the most common fruits, pears contain the highest amount of fiber. A large pear has 5 grams of fiber, 3 of them in the form of soluble fiber [source: Tufts University].

In addition to the high amount of fiber, pears are full of vitamin C. They're also a great source of potassium. A medium fruit contains about 190 milligrams of potassium, a mineral necessary for a healthy heart, muscles, nerves and more [source: Pear Bureau Northwest].

Pears score a 46 on the ANDI scale.