10 Healthy Fall Foods


Winter Squash

Next up isn't really one food but many, typically clumped together under the name winter squash.

There are numerous types of winter squash, all of them healthy for you. Winter squash are different than their summer cousins in that they have a tough rind and flesh and must be cooked before eating [source: The Cook's Thesaurus].

Some of the more common kinds are butternut squash, acorn squash and buttercup squash. Butternut squash is considered the healthiest of the bunch, ranking 10th for non-green vegetables on the ANDI scale with a score of 156 [source: WFM].

One neat thing about winter squash is that the varieties can be stored for months after harvest, making them a great seasonal vegetable well into the cold winter months [source: The Cook's Thesaurus].